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Rejection Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Rejection Dreams Leave You on the Outside

Rejection is a powerful thing for any of us to deal with. To be rejected carries with it a multitude of feelings and emotions – sadness, guilt, a lack of self-worth. To reject someone else can mean that one harbors feelings of resentment, shame or even self-hatred. To dream of this feeling is most likely a powerful experience itself.

To dream that you are rejecting something or someone can mean that you have feelings you want to be rid of. The person you are rejecting may symbolize an emotion you are dealing with in your waking hours. Perhaps you feel a lot of resentment towards a co-worker and wish to overcome it. A dream of someone whom causes you to feel resentment would definitely indicate that this is a feeling you need to get over.

Perhaps you are going through a difficult time and wish to escape. To dream of rejecting something may indicate your unwillingness to deal with it. It may also mean that you are in denial over the situation and do not wish to face it. Your dream is saying that you need to recognize it, deal with it, and move on!

To dream of being rejected yourself has a different meaning, however. It means that you suffer from a lack of self-worth and feel alienated from other people. You do not feel that you belong, that you are always on the outside looking in, and that you do not feel worthy of their attention or company.


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