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Seven Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Seven Dreams are Unique

When you dream of the number 7, or any other number, it is often an important sign in terms of interpreting the dream. There are many things that we forget from our dreams as soon as we wake up, and details such as numbers are usually one of those quickly forgotten items. When trying to decipher your dream, you must first figure out if the number 7 has any importance to you personally. It may be a birth date, number of children, address, birth order or some other important number. By finding this out, you may have figured out what the dream was all about.

Number dreams often indicate problems in the workplace, including the fact that there is unfinished business waiting for you. Dreaming of the number seven, in particular, may mean a variety of things. It may mean that it is time for change in your life. You may be stuck in a rut and this dream is reminiscent of the seven-year-itch idea, meaning you need something different. The number seven is often a symbol of conflict. Your subconscious may be alerting you to an impending conflict or one that has been repressed, instead of having been dealt with.

Dreams of the number 7 could also indicate completeness. It may allude to music, healing, mental perfection, uniqueness, eccentricity and attaining a high level of spirituality. Such dreams indicate things that are anything but ordinary.


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  • I have a dream that I was given a number by a lady at my work place but the number start from 003... Pls what is the meaning?

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  • I have and in the dream I have been given a number by a lady at my work place but the number start from 003...pls what is the meaning ?

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