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Shaman Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Shaman Dreams Will Guide You

If you see a shaman in your dream, you can interpret it as meaning, among other things, a guide. If you are a spiritual person, you could be dreaming of a spiritual guide or even a messenger.

What do you think of when you think of a shaman? As a symbol, the shaman is basically a version of the “wise old man” archetype, which you might dream about if, for example, you didn’t know what a shaman was. What do you think of when you think of a wise old man or a shaman? Experience, age, wisdom, generosity? Would this be a valuable person to turn to for help in a hard time or when you have to make a difficult decision and don’t know how to proceed? Dreaming about a shaman might highlight your current need for someone who is supposedly older and wiser than yourself to help you sort through some things.

You might also be looking for someone who can mysteriously solve your problems. Either way, you are looking outside yourself for help in sorting through things. Ask yourself what this could mean? Does the shaman comfort you? If so, why? Do you think he would be better at solving your problems than you would be?

7 thoughts on “Shaman Dream Interpretation and Meaning”

  1. I dreamt of a shaman who stood on some rocks, in front of a dark forest he said to me “good job good job good job good job good job” I asked “what does he mean by that” and he said “when the time comes you’ll know.”, I saw him again on another night he showed me my brother being stabbed to death and told me “those who accept change and stay on the same path, will not change” and then he left. What does this mean it is not a dream interpretation nor is it a misrepresentation for a another subject, many ask why I think that and that I’m a wierdo for even thinking that way cause dreams never mean anything, but its because I have shaman and witches blood in me only 20% but those bear even one percent are considered a family member of the old religion. But I never dreamt of a shaman coming to me if I had not even thought nor asked for his help but he came on his own free will. Why now?

  2. I dreamt about meeting a female bee shaman at a party, where also my father and my sister appeared. And i cant really remember, but one of them introduced me to her. Cant remember it exactly. She was looking kinda suspicous and im not tha kinda guy whos trustin in people. Anyways, the old big brown lady was awakin my interest and i like guessing, so i guessed who she is and asked her if she’s a shaman or something like that, but kinda sure of havin guessed it right. she replied yes, she a bee shaman and opent her coat. Inside a that coat was a bee hive with bees in it. Unfortunately I cant remember what we were talkin about, i dreamt it a long time ago. But at the end, she gave me a beautiful dagger and told me: u will find out, when its time to use it. I was leaving the party then, when at the door the usher gave me even another dagger without any sense. Outside on the street, i met a white man on a white horse starin at me without sayin anything. The streets were completely empty. Suddenly they were rushin in my direction and i was like: that must be that moment and throwed the dagger at him but i missed, eventhough it should have hit him and all of a sudden he was not on the street, no, he was standing (or better the horse he was up on) horizontally on/at a high house. I came a nearer to him and throwed the other one, but missed again and then he disappeared and it was over…….. It’s really weird and i still absolutely dont get at. Im looking forward hearing your opinion about that dream!

  3. lately I have been dreaming with shamans and every dream I always am the one seeking their help, they are cleansing me , doing rituals or I am at a botanica store searching for something but I never find that thing I seek. In the this current dream I had today I was at a place were two shamans were selling things and I saw statues objects including the holy death . The man said “do you want it?” but I responded that I already had one and I was seeking something else. so then he offers to blow some delicate wood branch on top of my head. But he seems to have difficulty starting the flame which seems to not start fire and then the shaman comments this to the other man and said, “for some reason I can not light up this stick and set it on fire to cleanse her, it wont light up with her .This is the first time I have difficulty.” His face had a concerned expression. so I told him id pick something else. Why am I dreaming with witches, shamans or botanica stores? At first when I had one dream I thought it was normal but I have been dreaming with shamans for a while and wonder why.

  4. Every night I always dream of botha shaman and wolf. I’ve never understood why but I do. The wolf normally sits besides me or stands near me while the Shaman simply smiles. I always tend feel a sense of comfort when I see both in my dream but I’ve never understood why I dream of both. What exacty does it mean when you see both a wolf and a shaman in your dream?

  5. I had this dream that i was at a bar, (which is weird because I’m underage and have never been) and he just kept staring at me, and pointing at different things but not with his hands, if that makes any sense. It was like he was in my head and would point my mind somewhere with his mind and where ever that was, there would be random words like “people understand, but they don’t understand you” and just that general phrase re-worded. I dunno, it was kinda wacky. Then we like stared at eachother kinda hard and a glass pane that i didn’t even know was there shattered, and my vice principal walks up and freaks out about it, so I offer to pay for it and then she goes from mid-sobbing to these shark-like eyes and smiles down at me and says, “Very well.’ and walks off.” Then I look back at the shaman and he’s shoveling fries into his mouth, then I look down and I’m doing the same? I subsequently woke up.

  6. I can only remember one time seeing a shaman in my dream. Its one of few dreams I still and will remember. It wasnt terribly long ago actually. Maybe a year. I wondered into an abadoned building. I remember seeing old discarded neon signs on the outside of the building. Some of them still partially lit up. There were alot of dark narrow tunnels when I entered the building. Eventually I came to a more open room. It had a bunch computers on desks and other technology. I walked to the other side of the room closer to the wall. I hear the rattling of metal and turn around and there was a woman with dark hair and tattered white clothes, chained by her wrists. She had red, glowing eyes and was trying to rip me to pieces. The chains were at their limit, I was just out of reach. I was trapped. The shaman with white long hair, brown vest and jeans lifts his arm up toward the woman/creature as if saying “go on” and said “Do not be afraid”. And disappeared. I charged toward the woman and her and the chains just evaporated and I woke up.


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