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Shark Dream Interpretation and Meaning

If you dream of a shark, it suggests that a powerful feeling is threatening to you, but you will overcome the obstacles it represents. The shark dream could depict someone in your waking life whom you perceive to be greedy and without scruples. Or the shark in your dream could represent the parts of your personality that make you ignore the desires and feelings of others in order to get your own way.

A shark dream may symbolize a difficult or painful period that you are currently going through and may be a symbolic illustration of your feelings of anger and hostility. The dream shark could be telling you that you are an emotional threat to yourself or others.

Because water is symbolic of emotions in a dream, the shark dream may be a statement about your emotional condition in general: it may be showing you potentially unpleasant feelings that are rising from your unconsciousness.

The dream shark is associated with feeling threatened, vulnerable, and taking the role of a victim. On the other hand, it may be showing you how you are “preying” on other people.

Animals in dreams often represent people that you know in your waking life, so the dream shark could be a stand-in for someone who is aggressive or threatening to you in a social or business context.

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