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Shepherd Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Shepherd Dreams Are Nurturing

If you have a dream in which you see a shepherd, the interpretation is fairly straightforward. Shepherds in dreams generally symbolize the nurturer. The shepherd, which in waking life steers groups of sheep to keep them safe, and makes sure they are in land that is proper for grazing. It is a solitary life that serves a very specific and important purpose.

If you dream about a shepherd, the dream may be your subconscious trying to highlight for you the part of yourself that is like a shepherd. In what ways and situations are you nuturing? Do you provide guidance to others, or direction? Are you a source of comfort or expertise to anyone? If you think of the image of the shepherd down through history, even from the Bible, you can identify the place of that person in different cultures. Beyond just comfort and guidance, the shepherd unifies his followers, whether they be sheep or people.

Also, as with any dream symbol, the shepherd’s meaning in your dream can become clearer if you take some time to think about the associations you make with the image of the shepherd. It’s always important and helpful to identify what the symbols in your dreams mean to you.

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