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Snake Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The ancient Romans used the snake as part of the symbol for their god of medicine, Aesculapius. Asian and Native American cultures believe the snake to be a symbol of wisdom, while in Judeo-Christian culture; it is viewed as a symbol of temptation or spiritual opposition and evil. To the Freudians, the snake is a phallic symbol that suggests fears of or aversion to sexual intercourse, and for the psychologist Carl Jung, the most common symbol of transcendence is the snake. So a dream of a snake can have many meanings due to this complexity of associations and beliefs. Again, it depends on how you feel about snakes in general and how you feel about the snake in your dream in particular.

The snake dream is often an indication of resurrection, rebirth, and transformation. It can also symbolize mysticism, healing, and enlightenment. A dream of a snake is sometimes linked with the basic life force and psychological growth. If you have recurring dreams of snakes, it suggests that you have unresolved fears or other issues you need to address. If the snake bites you in your dream, it is telling you that you are working against your own best interests and sabotaging yourself in some way.

The dream snake may also represent someone in your waking life who you perceive as sneaky or passive-aggressive in his or her dealings with you. It could symbolize someone you feel is lying to you or who you fear will cause you emotional harm.

Snakes in dreams may indicate that you are harboring destructive thoughts that can “poison” what you are trying to achieve. They can even represent physical illness.

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  1. My son and I are walking in a huge ditch or empty river vein in woods. And its woods above use too like we need to climb out of ditch’ there are snakes in it about every 20 feet there’s a snake after a wile of walking and see about 5 or so snakes. My son gets bitten by a big colorful snake it makes me feel panic and fear. He gets bit again. We get out of ditch, I get him to hospital. Whole time I can’t calm down. He lives and nurse keeps telling me I have to calm down.


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