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Soldier Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Soldier Dreams Call You to Attention

If you have a dream in which you see a soldier, it could mean one of several things. There are two main interpretations for a soldier in a dream. One is that the presence of the soldier represents your own attitudes in life, particularly when it comes to your opinions and feelings. How do you share these things – your opinions and feelings – with others? Could be a little too insistent at times? Are your attitudes and beliefs perhaps a little too staunchly held? Soldiers sometimes have strong beliefs and attitudes, and for good reason – in battle they must hold together without doubt or dissention within the ranks. But in civilian life, this staunch attitude might bring you trouble with communication and relationships. Perhaps you tend to impose your beliefs on other people, and your dreams are trying to help you think about this.

On the other hand, your dream about a soldier could also mean that you are encountering a conflict involving your values and beliefs, and that you are coming to the point where you feel you will have to defend yourself. This upcoming “battle” may be weighing on you. The soldier in your dreams might be your way of preparing for an impending personal or interpersonal conflict.

6 thoughts on “Soldier Dream Interpretation and Meaning”

  1. How about dreaming about me being soldier ..
    I want to be a soldier in the near future. And last night i dream about myself being a soldier in a battle field. Holding a machine gun at tht top panzer and 2 times I was going to fall but the man beside me keeps holding me when I fall and when I keep shooting upward randomly the man keeps reminding me to keep my aim far. And then when we arrive to our destination for rescuing people and we succed to bring them down the hill without being harmed by the enenies

  2. I dreamt of a military base being at my former high school (in dormitory). It seemed i had gone back to reseat or re do some papers. What does it mean?

  3. I think I can relate to this meaning beause last night I had a dream of me being a soldier with a lady and a commander but the lady disappeard while I wa waiting for someone,later on I was with y cousin who happens to be a soldier in a real life.

  4. Hi…
    I had a dream concerning me. I dreamt that I was in a back of a van and suddenly we came to a halt half our journey. When I came out of the van, I saw tens of hundred of soldiers pointing guns at me. immediately, I ran back into my van while they were shooting. in that van there was a passenger and his kid. I told them to lay on the floor. and all us did… but the shooting was continuing. when I peep through the bullet holes, I could see the soldiers changing positions by rolling on the ground. suddenly, I heard two big thunder noises and when I tried to peep again, I saw but two giant ridges of ground with the soldiers buried inside. we came out with couple of others who fled the scene saw many military helmets and gun; and a man of God said to us that when and innocent persons are about to be killed, this is always what happen to the aggressors. please can you tell me what this mean?


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