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Swan Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Swans in dreams are associated with grace, metamorphosis, transformation, and endings – as in “swan song.” They symbolize your own inner beauty and may represent the change from an “ugly duckling” to a great beauty.

A dream swan also symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness.

In mythology, the swan is linked to the Soul or Psyche. It represents the hidden side of human nature and the Unconscious.

The dream swan can mean that you will experience some type of ending, or it may suggest love or a sexual relationship. It can represent a blend of male and female characteristics in a cosmic sense.

If you see a black swan in your dream, and it is swimming in clear water, this is a prediction of exposure to illicit pleasure. Dreaming of a white swan, on the other hand, predicts a prosperous and delightful future.

If you see swans flying in your dream, something that you have hoped for will occur soon, but on the negative side, if you see a dead swan, you are likely to suffer unhappiness in the near future.

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