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Teal Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Teal Dreams Won’t Leave You Blue

Last night, your dreams were bathed in a greenish-blue tinge hue. Or perhaps most of the items in your dream were teal. The color teal, believe it or not, has a lot of different meanings, all of which should be examined to see which one applies to your own particular dream. In addition, dreaming of teal more than once may or may not have the same meaning. It’s important to consider objects in your dream as well as situations, people, and what was said (if anything).

The color teal is indicative of trustworthiness. You are a person others can rely on, and you are there when they need a friend. You can be counted on to keep their secrets; you’d never imagine blabbing things about to those who have no need to know.

To dream of the color teal means that you are devoted. You are loyal to those around you, and are willing to help an ailing friend or family member heal, whether it is physical, emotional or even spiritual healing they are in need of.

The color teal also signifies spiritual guidance, which goes along with that loyalty and devotion mentioned above, as well as teaching. You are willing to help others and guide them on their path, no matter how difficult the road may be.

This color could also signify that you have a journey ahead. These dreams could also indicate thrift and “fine harvest” which can be interpreted as positive for any undertaking. It can also mean that marriage, children and a new home are in your future.

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