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Thirteen Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Thirteen Not So Unlucky

When you dream of numbers, including the number 13, it is a strong dream theme. Numbers are usually forgotten as soon as you wake from a dream. Therefore, by remembering them it shows their importance to the dream. When analyzing it, you must first question whether the number 13 has some particular importance to you. It could represent a date, a birth, a death, an address or some other important personal number. If so, your dream is most likely in reference to it.

The number thirteen has a variety of meanings, which are often paradoxical. It can mean beginning and end or birth and death. It often signals transition and change. The number may represent the obstacles before you, that you must successfully overcome with hard work and perseverance. By doing so you will reach your goals and be successful.

Alternatively, many people see the number 13 as a symbol of bad luck. For example, there is no number 13 in elevators. It may also be a forewarning of misfortune or evil. Pay attention to the context in which you see the thirteen objects or the number 13 in your dream. These details may help you determine where this evil may be lurking.

Number dreams in general often refer to strife and unfinished business at work. The number 13 could indicate trouble at work caused by an evil deed.

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