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Tiger Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The dream tiger is a symbol of repressed emotions that scare you. It may represent female sexuality, seduction, aggression, beauty, strength, bravery, integrity, and cunning as well.

The dream tiger represents a force that cannot be ignored, since tigers usually get what they want. The stripes of the tiger represent opposites or someone or something that could “turn on you.” The black stripes symbolize bad times, while the gold stripes represent good times.

If you dream of a tiger in a cage, it indicates that feelings of aggression and sexuality may be about to surface in your waking life. If you are attacked by a tiger in your dream, it suggests that you will experience serious failure and be pressured by rivals in some way. If you kill the tiger in your dream, you will ultimately succeed in your efforts and enjoy excellent health. Dreams of tiger skins foretell of a luxurious and easy life.

Dreaming of a tiger moving toward you means that you must face your enemies. If the tiger is running away from you in a dream, this suggests that you will achieve a high position in your life, while seeing tigers in cages means you will win out over your rivals.

The dream tiger could also represent the protectiveness of a mother or your fear of some other person’s anger.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Dream Interpretation and Meaning”

  1. I guess to “ride the tiger”, you have to have one in a cage first…………..I had dreams of caged tigers last night………….HolyDiver

  2. I dremt about rescuing a tiger and a lion from being stuck under a tree trunk in a little pool of clear water and after this they walk me to a house i never been at and waited for me outside till i got out ( i dont remember what was in the house)
    What can this mean?


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