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Tortoise Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The tortoise is an interesting dream symbol. Most people have pleasant associations with a tortoise. These animals usually represent caution and loyalty, since they move and change slowly.

A dream that features a tortoise suggests that you may be unwilling to move quickly into a new endeavor or situation. Because a tortoise has a strong outer shell, a dream of a tortoise could represent your defense mechanisms and the things your surround yourself with in your waking life that protect you.

On the other hand, dreaming of a tortoise could also indicate that you should take more chances if you want to be successful. You may see opportunities for advancement to open up before you, and you shouldn’t hesitate too long before making a move.

The dream tortoise sometimes suggests that you are moving through a “slow” period in your life or that you need to be methodical and deliberative when contemplating an action.

The tortoise is a symbol of perseverance, determination, and long life, and it may indicate your need to be protected from certain problems in your waking life.

20 thoughts on “Tortoise Dream Interpretation and Meaning”

  1. in my dream we were going for a meeting in a hotel me and my friend arrived late we found when the meeting was over so they were just refreshing themselves we started arquing and in the process of arquing a white dog came after toitorse we all run as well but the dog was chasing the toitorse but couldnt catch it a male friend tried to catch the toitorse but failed as me i was scared so they chased the dog instead. I woke up scared

  2. Well i also dreamt of a live tortoise.Well i now understand that dreaming of a tortois
    e could be an advancement of years
    I am from Ghana.Search me on facebook.com.
    I love you pal…..

  3. Hi, i just woke up after a very vivid dream. I was outdoors cleaning/sweeping leaves from under a tree. As the leaves were moving under them there were loads of tortoises all different sizes sleeping. There was one big one which i turned over but she was empty underneath. Then i woke up. What could it mean?

  4. Hi I dreamt loads of them was walking out of my bedroom big ones small ones I felt really shock they was there and I didn’t know
    What do u think it means plz
    Oh ya one looked like half dog half Totis

  5. Dreamt I was chased by a tortoise. initially.it was in a small garden and wasn’t troublesome. Then I was told to tap it’s back.immediately I did, omg it chased me so fast and didn’t stop.even when I climbed a tree,it climbed with me.I kicked it on the head.it fell and a 2nd one appeared again to continue d chase. To wrap it up. A man decided to help it catch me and i ended up getting bruised on my palm.but dey didn’t succeed though. Please I need interpretation.

  6. I had a dream where three of the bugers got released and I was trying to catch them they hid well. And if I tried to pick them up they were biting.

    My personal interpretation is that there’s parts of my life that I’m very defensive over and even with the possible though or desire to release that mechanism, I still can just not let go of that defence.

    What are your thoughts?

  7. I have seen tortoise in dream.one person gifted tortoise which was very much active and familiar with me can it is some fearful dream or life changing?

  8. I had a dream last night where a brown wise tortoise told me my future, including who my soulmate was. Does this have any significance?

  9. In my dream I was with family driving down a road when we stopped on the road in front of an old cabin. There were huge tarps on the ground that previously had just been grass. We pulled the tarps up and found a driveway. We followed the driveway and pulled a tarp up to see an old tortoise. The tortoise was beautiful and we found that she could talk. It was understood the tortoise was hidden here because she could talk. As people would pass by on the road I would hide her, although she wasn’t very good at hiding. She didn’t want to be hidden. She was a friend by the end I enjoyed her being in my dream. What might this mean?

  10. I have dreams about Tortoises a lot … they can
    run climb swim and there can be 100s of them .. really big ones to tiny little one ?

  11. I seen lots of tortoise in my dream. I was on the beach at night walking on a bridges the moon was out bright the sand was beautiful and the water. I look to my left I seen someone or something trying to get in the apartments. I turned around and started going back the other way towards the apartments. As I’m walking I hear two women screaming one was on the bridge with me and the other one on the ground in between two apartment buildings, And it like she was trying get away from the tortois or kill one. From thier I was surrounded by a lot of tortoise trying get back on the bridges and it was raining. So I’m flipping around the trying get back on the bridges to get away.

    Make a long story short I don’t know if it was good or bad🤔😢😂
    June-18-18 3:00am

  12. What does it mean if In my dream people surrounding me (coworkers) are chasing and beating a very green tortoise and I come along to save it. Im my dream I’m putting my hand out for the tortoise to trust me and it eventually comes to me. Licks my leg and gradually walks beneath me as I’m walking over it and guiding it outside. When I’m looking at the tortoise below me I see the shell being damaged by my peers beating. All I see is how green the tortoise is as well. I never want to know what a dream means so bad. Please let me know. Prior to my dream I had bad thoughts about a fight and argument with a significant other.

  13. Mine was of a talking tortoise which I was giving a good shake! It could say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ but withdrew its head in the end Can’t remember the questions!


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