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Turtle Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Because turtles can live both in water and on dry land, and because they have protective shells, these characteristics should be your main considerations as you try to interpret a turtle dream. The dream turtle could symbolize your need to “withdraw into your shell” for a while, or that a feeling of vulnerability is about to present itself.

A dream of a turtle represents the odd and usual things in your life. It suggests that you are likely to experience something “strange” in the near future; the positive or negative features of the event will depend on how you feel about the turtle in your dream. In general, dreaming of turtles suggests the unusual event will bring you enjoyment and improvement in business.

The dream turtle is also a symbol of slow and steady progress toward a goal. It could represent a slow-down in some area of your life, or a need to take things slower.

For a woman, the turtle dream suggests feelings about pregnancy. If you are drinking turtle soup in your dream, it means you will enjoy some possibly compromising intrigue. The dream turtle also suggests that you have the opportunity to advance, but enemies surround you.

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  1. I dreamed that my husband and I were in a room built of stone. In the middle was a large but not very deep, round pit. In the middle of the pit was a turtle nearly the size of the pit. The turtles shell was shivering. My husband was on the other side of the room looking out of a window when the turtle jumped out of the pit and ran up behind my husband and bit him on the back of the neck. The turtle then laid down on the floor on its side, it was wearing my husbands vest??? end of dream. Can you or anyone tell me what this could possibly mean. Its driving me crazy as I can still see it very vividly and I dreamed it about 3 weeks ago. I have strange dreams all the time but this one was really one of the most strange.


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