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Twins Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Twins and a Dual Nature

Having a dream about twins has several possible meanings. The twins might mean that the dreamer has a lot of duality in his life. He may feel torn between possibilities or he may feel that he has two very different roles that he must fulfill. This duality may be causing some conflict that has been hard to cope with. Seeing the twins is seeing the two possibilities at the same time. The dual nature of the dreamer’s life may be causing confusion and it needs to be resolved in order to make life more cohesive.

If the twins in the dream are fighting, the dreamer may have two sides to his personality. The dream may be a way of seeing how the dreamer’s conscious mind and subconscious have been battling each other. The fighting twins are literal representations of two sides of the dreamer and how conflicted they are.

This conflict between fighting twins means that the dreamer is not confronting their inner conflict. The dream is a warning that the conflict is raging within, even if the dreamer has not yet paid adequate attention to it. The inner conflict needs to be resolved in order to have true peace of mind.

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