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Uncle Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Uncle Dreams Foretell Family Issues

Dreaming about an uncle is sometimes a representation of the dreamer’s family history. The uncle is a member of an extended family, and he represents many branches of the family tree. If the uncle is bringing something new with him, such as a new object or even a new idea, the dream is about your own new ideas. It means that you have a new awareness that is sending you in new creative directions.

Often, a dream about an uncle means that the dreamer has bad news coming. This bad news will center on a family member or someone who is otherwise close to the dreamer. It may mean that a family member is in poor health or that that there is a family tragedy in the works.

If the dreamer has a dream about arguing with his uncle, the dream has two possible meanings. The dreamer may be having some communication problems with the family that are not being resolved. The dream can also mean that the dreamer has some health problems. The health issues are a direct result of the dreamer’s own behaviors. A dream with that meaning is a warning to curb the behavior in order to restore health.

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