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Unicorn Dream Interpretation and Meaning

A unicorn is a mythical horse-like creature that has a long, twisted horn projecting from the forehead. It is usually shown with the head and body of a horse, the back legs of a stag, and a lion’s tail.

The unicorn is a symbol of hope, insight, and high ideals. It also represents gentleness, power, and purity. In a dream, it suggests magical feelings or a wish for more magic and enchantment in your life. It may also indicate that you or someone you know is a person of purity and innocence with high personal standards.

The unicorn combines the symbolism of a horse with that of a virgin; its single horn represents purity combined with basic sexuality. The message of the unicorn is sometimes thought to be associated with the idea that sexuality can be directed or “tamed” by purity.

Psychologist Carl Jung wrote that Christ is sometimes represented by the unicorn, which, in his interpretation, meant that even Christ as the ultimate personification of Man, could not dispense with either his animal nature or his higher, spiritual nature. The unicorn, therefore, represents the transformation of instinctual animal urges into creative human activity and awareness.

The dream unicorn can also symbolize a fantasy or something that is unattainable in your life. Its appearance in a dream may be telling you to let more “magic” into your life – let yourself dream a little – or that you are living in a fantasy world and dreaming too much.

The unicorn in a dream represents mystery as well as good luck and suggests that good times are on their way to you.

5 thoughts on “Unicorn Dream Interpretation and Meaning”

  1. I had a unicorn dream,
    In this dream I was looking out a window when a unicorn flow down and stopped in front off me,
    It was looking at me and I was looking at the unicorn. My dream stop there.
    I don’t know what this means ?????

  2. I love a Unicorn, ha ha I really found one Hhuh!!! Huh fuck patience you only live once. There has to be an US lol. I will never no quit, I will never stop, I will never not try. That’s my promise to “My Unicorn” I Love You Baby 4-Ever and Alway’s

  3. It was very usefull article..
    Jus now I have a bad dream,wen get to sleep,could not.
    Suddenly my mind imagining a unicorn..so here I am..


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