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Victim Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming of Being a Victim

A person who dreams they are a victim has enemies who are trying to oppress them. These enemies will attempt to overpower the dreamer and have a good chance of being successful. The dreamer feels that they have no power to stop this situation, and they may not be able to if the situation continues to progress. The feeling of helplessness is affecting all other aspects of the person’s life and may lead to depression and poor decision making. This type of victim dream is a warning for the dreamer to get away from his enemies before they can become overpowering and start to dominate him. By ending the situation, the dreamer can start to take back his own life and can stop feeling helpless against others.

Someone who dreams about victimizing someone else may come into a lot of money, but that money will not come about honestly. The new wealth may be stolen or it may be taken in another dishonorable way. The dreamer may trick someone out of their money or otherwise create a situation that takes advantage of someone else. The dreamer will not be happy with the situation because of this deception and will feel like a bad person. The warning in this dream is to behave honestly to avoid this situation.

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