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Werewolf Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Werewolf Dreams Reveal Secrets

When a werewolf appears in a dream, the dreamer has a life that isn’t exactly what it appears to be. There is something violent or angry that is lurking beneath the surface of a life that seems far more happy and complete than it really is. While other people see the dreamer as a calm, pleasant person, the reality is that the dreamer has negative traits that can be destructive.

If the dreamer is the werewolf, he has some dangerous personality traits that will hurt him if not kept under control. The person may have a bad temper or a tendency to hurt other people emotionally. He may be repressing these parts of his character effectively, but the dream is a reminder that they are still there. It’s a dream that reflects the inner turmoil that the dreamer has about his dual character. He may see himself as a monster or he may be afraid of what he’s capable of.

A werewolf dream always symbolizes something negative, even if the werewolf itself is not acting negatively in the dream. The dreamer is always in danger of letting himself hurt other people, even if he thinks otherwise. The dreamer is also in danger of hurting himself with bad behavior, anger or violence.

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