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Whale Dream Interpretation and Meaning

The whale is a symbol of power, strength, prosperity, and the spiritual self. The appearance of a whale in your dream indicates that you are about to be shown a great truth that you are prepared to accept.

As the master of the ocean, the whale represents the “super conscious” mind that travels in the “universal spirit” world. The whale controls the emotions, which are represented by water. To see a whale in a dream symbolizes your own intuition and awareness of spirituality.

On a more mundane level, the dream whale suggests that you are being overwhelmed by a relationship or a business project that is too big for you to handle alone. The dream whale is sometimes a symbol of the feminine force or a dominant mother.

Overall, however, the whale is associated with wisdom, intuition, personal power, integrity, and good will. Most people have pleasant feelings about whales in general, so their appearance in dreams is usually a positive sign.

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  1. i had a dream of a octopus rolling a whale in the ocean i sensed the wales distress and was terrified and the scale of the to animals was absolutely vast as i was looking down at them what could this mean i know its spiritual as i was conscious and aware of my surroundings and i reamber it very clearly .


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