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White Dream Interpretation and Meaning


Dreams of White Are Trustworthy

Your dreams last night were all bathed in a white glow. You were clothed all in white; there may have been white flowers or even white surroundings – snow, sand, etc…

The color white in your dreams mean that people feel they can trust and rely on you. You can be counted on to help others in times of trial, and you are always available to listen and to offer a shoulder to cry on.

This color means that you have an abundance of energy and vitality. You approach each new task and opportunity with enthusiasm and enjoy the challenges they may offer.

In addition, the color white is associated with many different traits or attributes. White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness and even new beginnings. These characteristics bring to mind things like God, pure white doves, young children, nuns, gleaming surfaces and even brides or new babies. Are any of these part of what you might be experiencing in your waking life?

Dreaming of this color might mean that you possess some or all of these traits (well, not all, nobody’s perfect!) or are striving to achieve them. Are you at peace? Do you want to be? Do you conduct yourself with dignity, aware of those around you or might you be trying to improve yourself in these areas?

White, in Asian cultures, is associated with death. Mourners wear white to honor the dead, instead of the black clothing worn by Americans and Europeans. You may have just experienced a death of a close friend or loved one and are trying to come to grips with what you’ve just gone through. The color white can mean that it is okay to mourn who or what has passed on; mourning is a cleansing experience, one which it is acceptable to embrace when you have lost that which you love.


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