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Widow Dream Interpretation and Meaning


A Widow Dream Means Isolation

Seeing a widow in a dream often means that the dreamer is seeing someone around him that is lonely. The dreamer feels pity for this person but doesn’t see themselves in a position to help them. The widow figure may be a widow in real life, but also may be someone who has lost a family member, lives alone or seems to lead a lonely life. The dreamer is sympathetic and keeps this person in his subconscious thoughts.

If the dreamer dreams about being a widow, it means a regular feeling of loneliness. The feeling is so established in the dreamer’s life that they feel very cut off from other people. Like a widow is separated from her husband by death, the dreamer feels like something serious has separated her from the people around her.

The dreamer may also feel that her loved ones have somehow abandoned her. There is a strong feeling of isolation that the dreamer may be feeling resentful about, even if the isolation is not anyone’s fault. The loneliness has been getting worse and will not get better until the dreamer can stop seeing herself as someone who is cut off from others and make an effort to connect with people.


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