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Yaasa Infinity Blanket Review

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The Yaasa Infinity blanket is probably unlike any blanket you have tried. It was designed to promote wellness and healing. Integrated with Celliant technology, the Yaasa Infinity blanket may help provide increased energy, faster recovery, and promote restful sleep. We tested the Yaasa Infinity blanket while lounging on the couch and overnight in bed. In this review, we will go over the specifics of the blanket, Celliant technology, and discuss our experiences while using it. 

What is Celliant?

Celliant is the brand name for a patented and clinically tested technology that converts the body's energy (heat) into infrared light and reflects it into the body where it is absorbed into the muscles and tissues. The result is a temporary increase in blood flow, circulation, and oxygen, which helps the body recover. 

Celliant is a polyester fiber that is infused with thirteen naturally occurring thermoreactive materials and proprietary ingredients. A few of the minerals include: titanium dioxide as a photocatalyst to absorb light, silicone dioxide to absorb and reflect energy, and aluminum oxide to increase energy reflectivity. The minerals are made into a resin, extruded into a fiber, and then made into a fabric to make the Yaasa blanket. It isn't a coating on the fabric but embedded into the fibers of the material so it will not wash out or wear out over time.

To learn more about Celliant, check out our guide to Celliant technology in the fabric. 

Why use Celliant?

The FDA determined that Celliant technology in products are general wellness products and considered medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Can you feel the Celliant working?

Celliant is an interesting technology because it is embedded in the fibers. It isn't something you can see, smell or feel, but it is in there. Celliant technology is harnessing the body's infrared energy and recycles it. The benefits have been proven in several clinical studies. However, you probably won't notice the subtle changes or benefits. It isn't like a heated blanket where you can feel the direct effects on your skin or body.

Celliant increases blood flow, but it isn't dramatic enough to notice. While there isn't any specific mention of how long one should use a Celliant blanket or product, my guess is using the blanket for 20 minutes may not give you the same results as someone who uses it overnight in bed for 7-8 hours. To get the full benefit from Celliant technology, you need enough time for your body to reflect enough infrared energy into your body.

Who would benefit from using Celliant and the Yaasa Infinity blanket?

Celliant's FDA approval as a medical device/general wellness product is only valid when used by healthy people. Celliant is not able to make medical claims of the healing benefits of their technology on sick people. These limitations are reflected in the photographs on Yaasa's website. I get the feeling this blanket is generally marketed towards those with an active lifestyle. Anyone who exercises does yoga, enjoys sports or outdoor adventures would appreciate this blanket to help encourage speedy recovery after activities.

As a triathlete myself, I am always looking for options to help speed up recovery. It's no fun to be stuck inside because you are too sore to go out and do something the next day. While I don't think this blanket is a miracle cure, even a small percent improvement in recovery may be worth it. If you are an athlete or are someone who could benefit from increased circulation, the Yaasa Infinity blanket might be a product to consider. 

About the Yaasa Infinity Blanket

Below are some of the specs, such as material content, sizes, prices, and care instructions for the Yaasa blanket


  • Made in Germany
  • 72% Organic Cotton (However, the blanket labeling does not mention that the fabric is organic)
  • 28% Celliant Polyester technology
  • Weight: <2.5 lbs


Travel41″ x 55″$149 Check Prices
Throw57″ x 77″$229 Check Prices

Shipping is currently FREE for all Yaasa Infinity Blankets. 

Care instructions

The Yaasa Infinity can be machine washed cold, gentle-cycle tumble dry on low heat.

Returns / Warranty

There are no returns or refunds on Yaasa blankets at this time. However, there is a one-year limited warranty if there was a defect in the manufacturing of the blanket.

Our Experience

The overall quality of the blanket is excellent. The stitching is well crafted with a beautiful thread style. The outer edges or seams are quite a bit thicker than the main blanket, which gives it a pleasant feeling of texture along the edges. The blanket reminds me of a stadium blanket in that it is a thin throw size blanket with a tight soft weave. The blanket has no stretch to it. While the fabric is a blend of cotton and Celliant infused fiber, it feels somewhere between a cotton and soft wool blanket. There isn't a lot of fluff in the fabric or fibers that stick way up like you have in other throw blankets. 

This multi-functional blanket works ideally as a throw blanket to be used in a comfortable chair or on the couch. Wrap it around your back or lay it over your lap or use it while napping on the couch. The blanket is smaller than a queen-sized mattress, so it isn't the type of blanket you share, but it can also be used for an individual while sleeping as a comforter. The blanket can be washed in the washing machine, which makes this blanket a great option to take on the go. It is thin and light, and the blanket can be folded or rolled and brought on a picnic, to an event or traveling. 

The blanket design features a neutral light and dark grey color scheme. Each side is the opposite colored pattern. On one side of the blanket, it is light grey with a dark grey border. The opposite side is the reverse, with the central part of the blanket being dark grey, and the border is light grey.

We used the Yaasa blanket for a few weeks on the couch when the weather permitted. I also used it as a blanket at night over a sheet. Overall I preferred it as a throw blanket just because it was personal-sized, and I prefer to share a more substantial comforter with my partner. I'm also used to a thicker blanket at night, so a few nights I used it between the sheet and my down comforter. 


We liked the soft cotton/wool feeling of the blanket. It was light, folds or rolls up small, making it a great blanket to bring on the go. The blanket is on the pricier side, but if you are active and appreciate a rapid recovery from activities, the Yaasa Infinity blanket might be right for you. 

The idea of recycling your own energy to heal the body is fascinating. I do hope that more studies are conducted to improve our understanding of how it impacts the body. I'd like to know the optimal length of application to get the most benefits from Celliant technology.

Have you tried the Yaasa Infinity blanket? Let us know your experience below as a comment.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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