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Yearn Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams of Yearning Foretell Happiness

To dream of a deep and nearly inconsolable yearning can be a trying experience. To even dream of a more moderate intensity of yearning can wear one out. Nearly everyone wants to be wanted, and nearly everyone wants so to feel a sense of yearning is quite natural.

If you have a dream in which a friend or a lover is yearning for you, it is possible that you will soon be the recipient of a long-awaited proposal. Your future happiness will be assured. You may look forward to a lifetime of contentment and being wanted for who you are.

To yearn for someone else in your dreams can be interpreted to mean that you have joy and will continue to experience it with your present spouse, partner or lover. You may have been previously unsure of where the relationship is headed, but this type of dream can be said to mean that you will have what you want – security in love, contentment and joy.

If you are yearning for something besides another person, it may indicate that you are unfulfilled in life. You are searching for something that you do not have and may not even know how to go about possessing. Pay close attention to this dream; you might find the answers you seek to get what you want. If what you want is not something you should have, your dreams might be telling you to NOT go after what you are yearning for. There are many possibilities, one of which will surely fit your dream.

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