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Yellow Dream Interpretation and Meaning

Yellow Dreams Could Be Good or Bad

The meaning of a “yellow” dream depends on whether it was a good dream or a bad one. This color has what may be referred to as both positive and negative meaning. So first, you must determine whether or not your dream was good or bad.

While this may seem easy to do at first, you may find that the more you consider and analyze your dream that the dream was actually the opposite of what you first supposed. For instance, a dream about laughing children might at first seem to be a good dream, but when taken with the fact that you are yearning to have a child and have had trouble can turn the dream from a good one to bad.

If, after careful consideration you can say that your dream was positive, then be happy! The color yellow is a sign of confidence in yourself as well as your abilities. You believe in yourself, are probably assertive, and are quite successful at whatever you put your mind to. The color yellow is also symbolic of intellect, energy, agility, happiness, harmony, and wisdom. All of these characteristics are ones that any person would be happy to possess, so dreaming of the color yellow is good in this case.

To dream of the color yellow in a negative fashion may indicate that you will (or already are) encountering opposition. The color can also represent cowardice and even sickness. You may have an unpleasant situation in which you are unsure of how to proceed, and you are reluctant to face up to it. You could even be ill or be caring for someone who is ill. You might even have a fear or even an inability to make a decision or take action. Because of this hang-up, you experience many setbacks that you would otherwise completely avoid or pass with ease.

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