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YnM weighted blanket review

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YnM is one of the most highly rated weighted blankets on Amazon. The blankets are available in five sizes and nine different weights from 5 to 25 pounds that work for kids and adults. YnM is a Chinese based company that launched in 2017 and has sold over a million weighted blankets on One of their weighted blankets has 12K+ 4.5 star reviews and starts at just $69. We decided to test a YnM weighted blanket with two different duvets while relaxing on the couch and while sleeping at night. In this review of the YnM weighted blanket, we cover how to pick the right YnM weighted blanket, discuss our experience using the blanket, and list out the pros and cons of a YnM blanket. 

Why use a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are a great tool to help reduce anxiety, lower stress, and improve your sleep quality. The uniform weight on your body from the blanket is a form of Deep Touch Pressure which releases serotonin and melatonin in your body. The feeling of using a weighted blanket is commonly described as a hug. Weighted blankets are great for anyone who struggles with insomnia, stress, anxiety, or PTSD. There are few side effects from using the blanket and a reasonably priced method of providing relief.

How to choose a YnM weighted blanket

When picking out a weighted blanket, you will need to choose a weight, dimension, color, and whether you want a cover. The following guide will help you with all of these choices. 

Blanket Weight

Choosing the correct weight is a crucial decision to make when picking out a weighted blanket. Pick a blanket that is 10% of your body weight. If you weigh 150 pounds, choose a 15-pound blanket. There are quite a few different YnM blankets weights, but not all styles are available in every weight. Below is a table to help you choose the best-weighted blanket for your body type. The kid's sizes are generally those blankets under ten pounds. Kids must be able to remove the weighted blanket without assistance. 

Blanket Weight (lbs)Body Weight (lbs)


For dimension, we recommend sticking to the individually sized blankets that are twin or full-sized when possible. In some cases, you will need to get a queen size to get the extra weight. Some users report folding over a queen weighted blanket to focus the weight on their bodies. There is also a king-sized blanket at 20, 25, and 30 pounds. However, we have found the weight gets spread so out on a king blanket, and so you may not be getting the optimal benefit from the blanket. Also, if you have a bed partner, it is essential to consider their weight and how the blanket may impact their sleep. YnM recommends using a separate blanket if your body weight varies between you and your body partner of more than 100 lbs. The only sharing size of YnM blankets is the King size.

Blanket Styles

There are three types of YnM blankets. All of which will result in a different experience, mostly in terms of feeling and temperature.  


The original YnM blanket is 100% cotton. There are probably more of these blankets in the world than any other. The cotton fabric is breathable, but it is still a blanket. The original YnM blanket features eight loops to allow you to attach a duvet cover to protect it or to make it warmer. View original blanket on Amazon


The YnM cooling blanket consists of 100% Bamboo viscose. Bamboo is naturally breathable and will help regulate your temperature during extended use. Bamboo is moisture-wicking, breathable, and anti-bacterial. The bamboo YnM blanket also features eight loops to connect a duvet cover to protect it or to make it warmer. View on Amazon


The minky blanket is made from 100% minky polyester. This blanket features a dotted raised texture pattern. The fabric is quite soft, and it will keep you nice and warm at night. However, because it is polyester, it isn't very breathable. If you sleep warm, you may want to consider getting either the original or cooling blanket and just getting the minky duvet cover to use during the winter. View on Amazon


Choosing a color is the fun part! Here are a few of the available colors that should appeal to kids and adults. If you don't like these colors, there are duvet covers to mix things up. 

Duvet Covers

Covers protect your weighted blanket investment and also allow the blanket to work better in different seasons of the year. Using the blanket without a duvet cover looks a little unfinished because there are eight visible loops around the perimeter of the blanket. Duvets also add a bit of comfort to the blanket. 

The only blanket described above that doesn't use a cover is the minky one since the minky fabric is already integrated into the blanket. Keep in mind that all of the weighted blankets are blankets so they will get warm. YnM recommends that in summer months and you may need a fan or AC. However, picking a breathable cover should help. 


The YnM cotton duvet cover is 100% cotton. It will not change the breathability or warmth of your weighted blanket, but it will keep it clean.  View on Amazon


The minky duvet cover is 100% polyester. It sleeps very warm and is not breathable. It is the best cover to be used in the winter or for those who prefer to feel warm while sleeping. If you find the minky fabric too hot, it can be used as a throw blanket on the couch while awake. View on Amazon


The bamboo blanket cover is 100% bamboo viscose fabric. It is breathable, crisp, and smooth. Bamboo is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking. The bamboo also helps regulate your temperature to avoid overheating. View on Amazon

Bamboo / Minky Combo

The dual cover features one side with a minky polyester, and the other side features bamboo fabric. The minky side keeps you warm and cozy, and the bamboo side makes it breathable to allow for more year-round use of the weighted blanket. 

Cool Ice Fiber

The Cool Ice Fiber (AKA polyester) is only available in the 3 in 1 blanket set. It is a thin, light, and almost slippery fabric. View on Amazon

Blanket Specs

  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odorless glass beads
  • Eight loops to attach a duvet cover
  • Oeko-Tex certified fabric
  • Fabric pockets are 4.7″ x 4.7″ (adults) 4″ x4″ (children)

Our Experience

For our review of YnM weighted blankets, we purchased the 15 lb 3-in-1 weighted blanket set, which comes with an original weighted blanket, a minky cover, and cool ice fiber cover. The weighted blanket itself was nicely crafted with nice small 4.7″ x 4.7″ squares. All of the seams looked strong with eight ties to strap on the duvet cover. The glass beads were small, and the polyester batting kept the glass beads from making noise or moving around too much. 

We purchased the “Lattice Scroll” style, the only pattern style, as opposed to a solid color for the 3-in-1 set. The design looked fine online, but when we received the set, we thought that the colors were unattractive by themselves, and they just didn't match. The minky fabric was a green color, and the lattice color on the backside was a weird shade of purple that looked grey/black online. It wasn't clear to us whether it was a lousy print/fabric run or if it was intentionally this color. Others noted the same concern in their reviews on Overall we feel like the variety of other colors is great, but the specific color choices were not muted enough for bedding. If I were to purchase the YnM 3-1 set again, I would go with the white or navy colors. 

The minky cover makes the blanket quite warm, which is excellent in the winter. Keep in mind that what they call minky is polyester, which isn't very breathable. If you are looking for something warmer but breathable, consider the two-sided bamboo and minky style duvet cover. 

We also tested the “Cool Ice Fiber Duvet” made from a very very thin 100% polyester. The fabric felt slick and cool to the touch and different than what I am used to in bed. With 100% polyester, it just wasn't very breathable, but it felt very light and crisp, but it wasn't the type of material I prefer. I would recommend going with a bamboo cover for a cooler blanket style. Bamboo is always a great bet for a breathable and cool feeling fabric. 

YnM needs to better label their products on their website and Amazon. They refer to fabrics as “100% minky fabric” or “Cool Ice Fiber.” That sounds great, but that isn't the material, the material is polyester for both the covers. They also do not disclose information like the polyester filling that is inside of all of their blankets. Since some people have allergies to different fabrics, they should reveal what is or isn't it inside of a blanket. It isn't just the cover but the filling that should be disclosed. YnM does meet the legal labeling requirements on the products, but that info is only available if you have purchased the product. They even have a giant graphic that shows all the layers of the blanket with statements like “less fiber fill,” but they don't say what that fill is. I know they are referring to polyester batting, so they should just say what it is. 


YnM recommends spot cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent. The blanket should be air-dried by laying it out flat. 


Weighted blankets take about 2-7 nights to get used to the feeling of the additional weight on your body. YnM offers a 100-night sleep trial for all of their blankets when purchased through their website. However, if you are buying through, there is a 30-day return window. If you want to return the product, YnM offers free return shipping for orders on their website or


YnM weighted blankets feature one of the most extensive selections for weighted blankets with tons of options of warm and cooler duvet covers allowing for year-round weighted blanket use. We know that YnM is one of the best selling weighted blankets of all time, but we feel like they could refine their colors a bit more and be more upfront with details of the materials in their blankets. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, it is worth trying out a YnM blanket to see if it helps you sleep better


  • Well made weighted blankets
  • Inexpensive – Starts at $69
  • Options for kids and adults
  • Lots of interchangeable duvet covers
  • Free shipping / Returns

Things to consider

  • Some colors could use some refinement
  • Listings aren't clear on material contents of the blankets

Have you tried any of the YnM weighted blankets? Let us know your experience as a comment below.


I'm always open to finding new products and methods for improving my sleep. Sometimes I get to sleep on the job :)

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